Class schedule

Semester : Order by  Course No.
Course No.Course NameSectionCredit HoursInstructorHallDaysTimeStudents No.
102201Statics 13Dr. Assal HaddadSA-G12Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3026
102231Engineering Geology13Dr. Mousa Bani BakerBA-G37Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0017
102271Construction Materials 13Dr. Mousa Bani BakerBB-G14Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3014
102311Structural Analysis (1) 13Dr. Abdel Kareem Al RodanSA-F13Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3021
102321Transportation Engineering13Prof. Mohammad ObaidatSA-G13Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3016
102331Geotechnical Engineering13Dr. Mousa Bani BakerSA-S11Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3017
102341Fluid Mechanics13Dr. Assal HaddadBB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0026
103490Electrical Engineering Training13Dr. Khalid Oweis UU3
104211Dynamics13Prof. Karim NumayrSA-S11Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0010
104212Mechanics of Materials13Dr. Abdel Kareem Al RodanSA-S12Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:008
201472Selected Topics in Biology13Dr. Wajdy Al AwaidaSA-S21Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:008
301221Human Physiology13Dr.Esam QnaisSB-F44Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0011
301226Human Physiology Lab11Dr.Esam QnaisSA-S22Tue Thu 8:30**11:3011
301232Biochemistry13Dr. Wajdy Al AwaidaBA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3011
303111Fundamentals of Nutrition13Dr.Fadwa HammouhSA-F12Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:302
303331Dietetics 13Dr.Fadwa HammouhSB-G33Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:004
303336Dietetics Lab11Dr.Fadwa HammouhSA-G16Mon Wed 8:30**11:304
304131Human Anatomy and Histology13Dr. Walid Al KatibSA-S11Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:009
304136Human Anatomy and Histology Lab11Dr. Walid Al KatibSA-S26Tue Thu 8:30**11:309
304213Analytical Chemistry13Dr. Sa'ib Al KhouriSB-G44Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:309
304214Physical Pharmacy12Dr. Ayman KhadairSB-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3014
304218Analytical Chemistry Lab11Dr. Waleed ZalloumSA-F21Mon Wed 8:30**11:308
304231Basic Microbiology13Dr. Raymond BatchounSB-F33Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3010
304313Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis12Dr. Waleed ZalloumSB-F44Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:0011
304318Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis Lab11Dr. Waleed ZalloumSA-F16Tue Thu 8:30**11:3011
304321Pharmaceutics (1)13Dr. Islam HamadSA-G12Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0033
304326Pharmaceutics (1) Lab11Dr. Islam HamadSA-S02Mon Wed 8:30**11:3019
304326Pharmaceutics (1) Lab21Dr. Islam HamadSA-S02Tue Thu 8:30**11:3014
304424Ethics and Pharmacy Practice11Dr. Islam HamadSA-S11Mon Wed 1:00** 2:0011
304425Cosmetics Preparations12Dr. Ayman KhadairSB-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:0011
401151Introduction to Information Systems13Dr.Mohamad JassemSA-F11Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:004
401222Introduction to C++ Programming13Dr.Ahmed Bani MustafaSA-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0011
401313Principles of Computer Algorithms13Dr.Mohamad JassemSA-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:307
401324Programming Languages Concepts13Dr.Ahmed Bani MustafaSA-F11Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3010
500101Microeconomics13Prof. Muhannad Al RosanBB-S01Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3039
500201Business Research Methods13Prof. Muhannad Al RosanBB-G05Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:308
501101Principles of Accounting (1)13Dr. Osama JaaraBB-G05Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3033
501112Principles of Accounting (2)13Dr. Mohd AlNajjarBB-S05Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0017
501212Intermediate Accounting (2)13UnknownBB-S09Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0010
501331Managerial Accounting13Dr. Osama JaaraBB-S07Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0016
501332Auditing23Dr. Mohd AlNajjarBB-G07Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3011
501333Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing13TBABB-S07Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3024
501491Practical Training13Dr. Barihan Nabil UU14
502101Principles of Management13Arwa Al TwalBB-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0025
502212Organizational Behavior13Arwa Al TwalBB-S05Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3018
502221Operation Research13Dr. Sulaiman MohammadBB-S09Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:306
502312Business Communication Skills13Dr. Loiy Bani IsmailBB-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3030
502321Production and operational management13Dr. Sulaiman MohammadBB-S05Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3012
502324Quantitative Methods in Management13Dr. Sulaiman MohammadBA-G24Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0040
502414International Business Management13Prof. Muhannad Al RosanBB-G07Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0021
502491Practical Training13Dr. Loiy Bani Ismail UU8
503101Principles of Finance (1)13Dr. Kamal QudahBB-G07Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0015
503211Principles of Finance (2)13Dr. Aziz YusufBB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0015
503340Financial Risk Management13Dr. Aziz YusufBA-F37Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0011
504101Principles of Marketing13Nadin KhairBB-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3022
504213Marketing Communications13Nadin KhairBB-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0022
504421International Marketing13Nadin KhairBA-F37Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3020
504491Practical Training13Dr. Luai Jraisat UU1
505210Probability Theory & Dicision Making13Abed -Alhay ElmughrabeBB-G14Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3018
505232Crises Communications13Dr. Ihab SawalhaBB-S07Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0037
505241Principles of Insurance(1)13Dr. Jamal ShamiehBB-G14Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0011
505342Principles of Insurance (2)13Abed -Alhay ElmughrabeBB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3018
505491Practical Training13Dr. Ihab Sawalha UU15
602103Introduction to Musicology13Dr. Ali Al ShurmanSB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0014
602490Local / International Internship13Zena Adhami UU5
606271Architectural Design Studio 114Thomas Jensen Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:002
703460Field Training13Prof. Issam abu salim UU2
900096Computer Literacy 10Prof. Raed Abu ZitarSA-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3010
900097Remedial Arabic 10Dr. Shahla UjailySB-G44Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3016
900099Remedial English10Dr. yahya AlaridiSB-G44Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:004
900101Sports (1)11Taj WedyanSP-01Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3013
900110Cultural Development (1)11Thomas JensenBB-S04Mon Wed 11:30**12:3022
900110Cultural Development (1)21Dr. yahya AlaridiBA-F19Tue Thu 2:30** 4:003
900110Cultural Development (1)31Dr. Raed QaqishBB-S01Mon Wed 11:30**12:3022
900111Military Science13Military ScienceBB-S01Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3027
900112Civic Education13Dr. Raed QaqishBB-S05Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0023
900116Bio-Ethics13Dr.Ahmad SmadiBB-S04Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3046
900120Arabic Communication Skills(1)13Dr. Shahla UjailyBB-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0027
900130English Communication Skills(1)13Dr. yahya AlaridiSA-S13Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:301
900130English Communication Skills(1)23Prof. Issam abu salimBA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0013
900140Appreciation of Art13Thomas JensenBB-S07Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3043
900141Appreciation of Music13Dr. Ali Al ShurmanBB-S09Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3047
900141Appreciation of Music23Dr. Ali Al ShurmanBB-S04Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3013
900170Energy and The Environment13Dr. Assal HaddadBA-G24Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3056
900171Science and Society13Dr.Ahmad SmadiBB-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3033
900180Computer Skills13Dr. Mohamad DaoudSA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3014
900180Computer Skills23Dr. Mohamad DaoudSAG03Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0019
900181Computer Skills (Art and Design)13Dr. Raed QaqishSA-F02Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:304
900201Sports (2)11Taj WedyanSP-01Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:006
900210Cultural Development (2)11Dr. yahya AlaridiBB-S03Mon Wed 1:00** 2:302
902101General Chemistry (1)13Dr. Sa'ib Al KhouriSB-G44Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0011
902107General Chemistry Lab (1)11Dalya Al-saadSA-F25Mon Wed 8:30**11:305
902111Organic Chemistry for Health Sciences13Dalya Al-saadSA-S13Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:006
903101Calculus (1)13Dr. Khalid OweisSB-F44Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3016
903102Calculus (2)13Magid MadainSA-G12Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3019
903103Mathematics for Business13Dr. Ihab SawalhaBB-G05Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0024
903182Statistics for Business13Abed -Alhay ElmughrabeBB-G05Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0036
903201Applied Math for Engineering (1)13Dr. Shakir NazzalSA-G13Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:008
903231Statistics for Health Sciences12Dr. Ayman KhadairSA-F12Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0022
903281Probability and Statistics13Dr. Khalid OweisSA-S13Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3017
903301Applied Math for Engineering (2)23Dr. Shakir NazzalSB-G33Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:304
903381Numerical Analysis13Magid MadainSB-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0027
904101General Physics (1)603Dr. Hayel ShehadehBB-G14Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0021
904102General Physics (2)13TBABA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:000
904102General Physics (2)613Dr. Hayel ShehadehSA-G13Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:307
904104Physics for Architects13TBA Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:002