Class schedule

Semester : Order by  Course No.
Course No.Course NameSectionCredit HoursInstructorHallDaysTimeStudents No.
102100Introduction to Civil Engineering12Basel J. Hanayneh Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0010
102200Engineering Drawing12Eman Adnan Shehadeh Wed 2:30** 5:300
102252Surveying Lab11Eman Adnan Shehadeh Tue 2:30** 5:3013
102259Land Surveying12TBASA-S13Tue Thu 8:30** 9:301
102312Structural Analysis (2)13Prof. Karim Sweilem Numayr Tue Thu 11:30** 1:004
102313Structural Lab11Prof. Karim Sweilem Numayr Mon 2:30** 5:3018
102321Transportation Engineering13Eman Adnan ShehadehSB-G44Tue Thu 8:30**10:0013
102322Highway Geometric Design13Eman Adnan ShehadehSA-G12Tue Thu 10:00**11:3029
102331Geotechnical Engineering13Dr. Monther Abdelrahman AbdelhadiSA-G13Mon Wed 11:30** 1:007
102342Hydraulics13Dr. Assal Edwar HaddadSA-G12Mon Wed 8:30**10:0020
102343Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Lab11Dr. Assal Edwar Haddad Mon 2:30** 5:307
102372Construction Materials Lab11Basel J. Hanayneh Wed 2:30** 5:3011
102412Reinforced Concrete (2)13Moayyad Raji Kittaneh Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0018
102413Steel Structures13Moayyad Raji Kittaneh Tue Thu 10:00**11:302
102419Structural Systems II13Moayyad Raji KittanehSB-G33Tue Thu 8:30**10:006
102422Highway Engineering Lab11Eman Adnan Shehadeh Thu 2:30** 5:3020
102432Geotechnical Engineering Lab11Dr. Monther Abdelrahman Abdelhadi Tue 2:30** 5:307
102442Environmental Engineering Lab11Dr. Assal Edwar Haddad Wed 2:30** 5:3020
102460Engineering Economics12Basel J. HanaynehSB-F20Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0028
102461Specifications and Quantity Surveying12Dr. Monther Abdelrahman AbdelhadiBA-F03Mon Wed 8:30**10:004
102470Civil Engineering Practical Training13Dr. Assal Edwar Haddad TrainingU0
102515Advanced Structural Analysis and Design13Prof. Karim Sweilem NumayrSA-G12Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0027
102521Traffic Engineering13Eman Adnan ShehadehSB-F44Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3021
102543Design of Environmental and Wastewater Systems833Dr. Assal Edwar HaddadSB-F20Tue Thu 8:30**10:0037
102561Construction Engineering Management13Moayyad Raji KittanehSA-S12Mon Wed 8:30**10:0021
102571Graduation Project (1)11Dr. Assal Edwar Haddad ProjectU0
102572Graduation Project (2)12Dr. Assal Edwar Haddad ProjectU16
102573Special Topics in Structural Engineering13Basel J. HanaynehSA-F12Mon Wed 8:30**10:002
102575Special Topics in Water / Environmental Engineering13Dr. Assal Edwar HaddadBB-G14Mon Wed 10:00**11:308
102576Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering13Dr. Monther Abdelrahman Abdelhadi Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0020
103212Electric Circuits (1)13Yaser (SM) QudaihSB-F33Tue Thu 8:30**10:001
103213Electric Circuits (2)13Yaser (SM) QudaihSA-S13Mon Wed 11:30** 1:000
103215Electromagnetics (1)13Prof. Mohammed Saleh Al SalamehSB-G33Tue Thu 11:30** 1:001
103241Digital Logic Design Lab11Dr. Khalid Jamil Oweis Tue 2:30** 5:301
103250Simulation Tools12Dr. Khalid Jamil OweisSB-F20Mon Wed 10:00**11:302
103319Electrical Machines Lab for Mechanical Engineers11Dr. Khalid Jamil Oweis Thu 2:30** 5:305
103325Digital Electronics13Prof. Mohammed Saleh Al SalamehSA-G12Mon Wed 10:00**11:300
103326Digital Electronics Lab11Dr. Hassan Saleh Migdadi Wed 2:30** 5:301
103340Microprocessors and Assembly13Dr. Khalid Jamil OweisSA-G12Tue Thu 11:30** 1:000
103412Electrical Machines and Power Lab11Yaser (SM) Qudaih Thu 2:30** 5:301
103416Power Transmission and Distribution13Yaser (SM) QudaihSA-G13Tue Thu 10:00**11:302
103420Communications Electronics13Prof. Mohammed Saleh Al SalamehSA-F12Tue Thu 10:00**11:301
103451Digital Communications13Dr. Hassan Saleh MigdadiSA-F12Mon Wed 11:30** 1:000
103458Digital Communications Lab11Dr. Hassan Saleh Migdadi Mon 2:30** 5:302
103558Special Topics in Communications Engineering13Dr. Hassan Saleh MigdadiSA-G21Mon Wed 10:00**11:302
103591Graduation Project (1)11Dr. Hassan Saleh Migdadi ProjectU0
103592Graduation Project (2)12Dr. Hassan Saleh Migdadi ProjectU1
104100Engineering Workshops11Dr. Monther Adib Nimri Tue 2:30** 5:305
104211Dynamics13Dr. Samar Joma'Ah JaberSA-F12Mon Wed 10:00**11:3016
104230Mechanical Engineering Drawing12Sameeh Sami Baqain Mon 2:30** 5:308
104322Heat Transfer (1)13Dr. Monther Adib NimriSA-F13Mon Wed 11:30** 1:005
104323Thermodynamics (2)13Dr. Monther Adib NimriSA-F13Tue Thu 10:00**11:307
104324Fluid Mechanics (2)13Dr. Monther Adib NimriSA-G13Tue Thu 11:30** 1:006
104326Fluids Mechanics Lab11Prof. Handri Ammari Wed 2:30** 5:304
104352Manufacturing Processes13Sameeh Sami BaqainSA-G12Tue Thu 8:30**10:004
104416Mechanical Vibrations Lab11Dr. Moudar Hamed Zgoul Tue 2:30** 5:302
104421Energy Conversion Systems13Dr. Samar Joma'Ah JaberBA-F19Mon Wed 11:30** 1:003
104423Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning13Prof. Handri AmmariSA-S11Tue Thu 10:00**11:304
104432Mechanical Design (2)13Dr. Moudar Hamed ZgoulSA-F12Tue Thu 11:30** 1:002
104440Engineering Instrumentation & Measurements12Dr. Moudar Hamed ZgoulSA-S13Mon Wed 8:30**10:007
104442Automatic Control13Sameeh Sami BaqainSA-F13Mon Wed 10:00**11:304
104521Renewable Energy13Prof. Handri AmmariSB-F20Tue Thu 1:00** 2:304
104530Finite Element Analysis13Dr. Moudar Hamed ZgoulSB-G33Mon Wed 11:30** 1:005
104531Machines Dynamics13Sameeh Sami BaqainSA-G12Mon Wed 1:00** 2:303
104591Graduation Project (1)11Dr. Samar Joma'Ah Jaber ProjectU0
104592Graduation Project (2)12Dr. Samar Joma'Ah Jaber ProjectU4
201101General Biology (1)13Dr. Isam Abdel Rahman FattashSB-G09Mon Wed 10:00**11:301
201102General Biology (2)13Aseel Fayez Abu _Al Sha'ArSA-G13Mon Wed 1:00** 2:308
201107General Biology Lab (1)11Aseel Fayez Abu _Al Sha'ArSA-S25Thu 8:30**11:300
201231Histology and Micro-techniques12Dr. Wajdy Jum'Ah Al-Awaida Mon Wed 11:30** 1:005
201232Histology and Micro-techniques Lab11TBASA-S17Wed 2:30** 5:305
201252Genetics13Dr. Sima Sa'Id ZeinSB-G09Tue Thu 10:00**11:306
201253Genetics Lab11TBASA-S16Mon 8:30**11:306
201321Plant Physiology13Dr. Isam Abdel Rahman FattashBA-S03Tue Thu 10:00**11:302
201322Plant Physiology Lab11Dr. Isam Abdel Rahman FattashSA-S15Tue 2:30** 5:302
201323Applied Plant Biology12Dr. Isam Abdel Rahman Fattash Mon Wed 11:30** 1:002
201331Microbiology13TBAMERGED1Mon Wed 10:00**11:301
201332Microbiology Lab11TBAMERGEDThu 2:30** 5:302
201333Immunology13TBABA-G31Tue Thu 11:30** 1:004
201362Basic Biotechnology12Dr. Isam Abdel Rahman FattashSB-G33Mon Wed 1:00** 2:302
201411Developmental Biology12Dr. Sima Sa'Id ZeinBA-G31Mon Wed 1:00** 2:304
201412Developmental Biology Lab11Aseel Fayez Abu _Al Sha'ArSA-S16Tue 2:30** 5:304
201413Animal Physiology12Prof. Fares KhourySB-F20Tue Thu 10:00**11:306
201414Animal Physiology Lab11Prof. Fares KhourySA-S14Wed 2:30** 5:306
201415Ecology13Prof. Fares Khoury Mon Wed 10:00**11:306
201416Ecology Lab11Prof. Fares KhourySA-S14Mon 2:30** 5:306
201451Molecular Cell Biology12Dr. Sima Sa'Id Zein Tue Thu 11:30** 1:005
201471Seminar11Dr. Wajdy Jum'Ah Al-AwaidaSB-G09Tue Thu 8:30**10:003
201472Selecetd Topics in Biology13TBAMERGEDMon Wed 8:30**10:000
301213Pathophysiology13Dr. Waleed Abdul Kareem Al-KatibSA-G12Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3014
301221Human Physiology13Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Al-SmadiSA-S12Tue Thu 10:00**11:307
301226Human Physiology Lab11Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Al-SmadiSA-S22Tue 2:30** 4:308
301231Laboratory Management12Dr. Refat Musa NimerSA-F13Tue Thu 1:00** 2:303
301232Biochemistry13Dr. Wajdy Jum'Ah Al-AwaidaBA-F03Tue Thu 11:30** 1:006
301241Basic Microbiology Lab11Feras Fawzi LafiSA-S04Wed 2:30** 5:302
301252Immunology12Feras Fawzi LafiSA-S12Tue Thu 11:30** 1:008
301311Histological Techniques11Aseel Fayez Abu _Al Sha'Ar Wed 2:30** 5:307
301322Molecular Endocrinology12Dr. Refat Musa NimerOFFICEThu 8:00**10:001
301332Clinical Biochemistry (2)12Dr. Refat Musa NimerBA-G03Tue Thu 10:00**11:007
301337Clinical Biochemistry Lab (2)11Dr. Refat Musa NimerSA-S21Thu 2:30** 5:307
301342Clinical Microbiology (2)12Prof. Laila NimriSB-F33Mon Wed 1:00** 2:006
301344Medical Virology12Dr. Sima Sa'Id ZeinSA-S11Mon Wed 9:00**10:005
301347Clinical Microbiology Lab (2)11Prof. Laila NimriSA-S04Mon 2:30** 5:306
301353Clinical Hematology12Dr. Zaid Adel AburubaihaBA-G03Tue Thu 9:00**10:007
301358Clinical Hematology Lab11Dr. Zaid Adel AburubaihaSA-G17Tue 2:30** 5:307
301421Clinical Endocrinology13Dr. Refat Musa NimerSA-S11Mon Wed 11:30** 1:003
301422Seminar in Physiology and Endocrinology11Feras Fawzi LafiOFFICEWed 1:00** 2:005
301436Clinical urinanalysis Lab/ Hospital Laboratory Practice11Dr. Zaid Adel Aburubaiha TrainingU3
301442Laboratory Education and Management11Dr. Zaid Adel AburubaihaOFFICEMon 9:00**10:001
301452Blood Bank - Immunohematology13Dr. Zaid Adel AburubaihaSA-S13Mon Wed 10:00**11:306
301457Blood Bank - Immunohematology Lab11Dr. Zaid Adel AburubaihaSA-G17Mon 2:30** 5:306
301471Biochemistry / Training13Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Al-Smadi TrainingU0
301472Clinical Microbiology / Hospital Laboratory Practice13Feras Fawzi Lafi TrainingU0
301473Blood Bank Laboratory / Training12Dr. Zaid Adel Aburubaiha TrainingU4
301474Immunology and Serology / Hospital Laboratory Practice13Dr. Refat Musa Nimer TrainingU4
301475Clinical Microscopy / Training11Dr. Zaid Adel Aburubaiha TrainingU4
303111Fundamentals of Nutrition13Dr. Fadwa Ghazi HammouhSB-F44Tue Thu 8:30**10:0027
303212Human Nutrition13Dr. Rula Ali AmrSA-S13Tue Thu 10:00**11:309
303241Food Microbiology13Prof. Basem DababnehSB-G09Mon Wed 1:00** 2:308
303246Food Microbiology Lab11Prof. Basem DababnehSA-S04Tue 8:30**11:309
303322Food Technology12Dr. Ghada Saleh Albandak Tue Thu 11:30** 1:007
303327Food Technology Lab11Dr. Ghada Saleh AlbandakSA-F15Mon 11:30** 2:307
303333Dairy Technology12Dr. Ghada Saleh AlbandakSB-F33Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3010
303338Dairy Technology Lab11Dr. Ghada Saleh AlbandakSA-S15Thu 2:30** 5:3010
303340Therapeutic Nutrition 113Dr. Rula Ali AmrSB-F33Mon Wed 10:00**11:3015
303345Therapeutic Nutrition Lab 111Dr. Rula Ali AmrSA-G16Mon 2:30** 5:3015
303352Assessment of Nutritional Status12Dr. Fadwa Ghazi HammouhSB-F33Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0014
303353Nutrition and Nutrition Disorders13TBAMERGEDMon Wed 10:00**11:307
303357Assessment of Nutritional Status Lab11Dr. Fadwa Ghazi Hammouh Wed 2:30** 5:3014
303358Nutrition and Nutrition Disorders Lab11TBAMERGEDMon 2:30** 5:307
303431Seminar in Nutrition and Dietetics11Dr. Ghada Saleh Albandak ProjectU5
303434Food Services Management13Dr. Ghada Saleh AlbandakSA-F13Mon Wed 8:30**10:0012
303441Food System Management13TBAMERGED1Mon Wed 8:30**10:004
303443Clinical Nutrition13Dr. Fadwa Ghazi HammouhSA-S12Mon Wed 1:00** 2:303
303452Nutrition for People of Special Demands13TBAMERGEDMon Wed 1:00** 2:300
303453Community Nutrition13Dr. Rula Ali AmrSB-F33Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0012
303458Community Nutrition Lab11Dr. Rula Ali AmrSA-G16Tue 2:30** 5:3012
303461Internship in Food Services13Dr. Ghada Saleh Albandak TrainingU1
303462Internship in Clinical Nutrition13Dr. Fadwa Ghazi Hammouh TrainingU8
303463Internship in Therapeutic Nutrition13Dr. Fadwa Ghazi Hammouh TrainingU8
303464Internship in Nutritional Counseling13Dr. Fadwa Ghazi Hammouh TrainingU8
304131Human Anatomy and Histology13Dr. Waleed Abdul Kareem Al-KatibSA-S12Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0011
304131Human Anatomy and Histology23Dr. Waleed Abdul Kareem Al-Katib Tue Thu 10:00**11:3018
304136Human Anatomy and Histology Lab11Dr. Waleed Abdul Kareem Al-KatibSA-S26Mon 2:30** 5:3020
304136Human Anatomy and Histology Lab21Dr. Waleed Abdul Kareem Al-KatibSA-S26Thu 2:30** 5:308
304210Chemistry of Heterocycles11Dr. Dalya Sadeg Al-Saad Tue 2:30** 4:0016
304211Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry12Dr. Amal Hussein MayyasBA-G31Mon Wed 11:30** 1:004
304212Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry12Dr. Amal Hussein MayyasBB-S07Mon Wed 10:00**11:307
304213Analytical Chemistry13Dr. Sa'Ib Jamal AlkhouriSB-F44Mon Wed 8:30**10:0014
304213Analytical Chemistry23Dr. Sa'Ib Jamal AlkhouriSB-F44Tue Thu 10:00**11:3013
304214Physical Pharmacy12TBASB-G44Mon Wed 11:30** 1:002
304215Clinical Biochemistry12Dr. Wajdy Jum'Ah Al-AwaidaSB-F20Mon Wed 8:30**10:0012
304216Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Lab11Dr. Amal Hussein Mayyas Wed 2:30** 5:304
304217Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Lab11Dr. Amal Hussein Mayyas Tue 2:30** 5:303
304218Analytical Chemistry Lab11Dr. Sa'Ib Jamal Alkhouri Mon 2:30** 5:3020
304218Analytical Chemistry Lab21Dr. Sa'Ib Jamal Alkhouri Wed 2:30** 5:304
304219Physical Pharmacy13T B AMERGEDMon Wed 11:30** 1:0020
304231Basic Microbiology13Feras Fawzi LafiSA-S11Mon Wed 10:00**11:307
304312Medicinal Chemistry (2)12Dr. Waleed Abdelhalim ZalloumSA-F12Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3022
304314Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry13TBAMERGED3Mon Wed 10:00**11:3019
304317Medicinal Chemistry Lab (2)11Dr. Waleed Abdelhalim Zalloum Mon 2:30** 5:3018
304317Medicinal Chemistry Lab (2)21Dr. Waleed Abdelhalim Zalloum Wed 2:30** 5:304
304319Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Lab11Dr. Amal Hussein Mayyas Thu 11:30** 2:3017
304322Pharmaceutics (2)12Dr. Islam Mustafa HamadBB-S04Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0023
304327Pharmaceutics Lab (2)11Dr. Islam Mustafa Hamad Tue 2:30** 5:3014
304327Pharmaceutics Lab (2)21Dr. Islam Mustafa Hamad Thu 2:30** 5:309
304332Pharmacology (2)13Dr. Omar Salem GammohBB-G11Tue Thu 10:00**11:3023
304337Pharmacology Lab (2)11Dr. Omar Salem Gammoh Tue 2:30** 5:306
304337Pharmacology Lab (2)21Dr. Omar Salem Gammoh Thu 2:30** 5:3017
304341Phytotherapy and Homoeopathic Remedies12Dr. Amal Hussein MayyasSA-G13Tue Thu 8:30**10:0023
304422Biopharmaceutics12Dr. Rowan Fahad AlejilatSA-S13Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0034
304423Pharmaceutical Technology (2)12TBASA-S11Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3029
304428Pharmaceutical Technology Lab (2)11TBA Mon 2:30** 5:3015
304428Pharmaceutical Technology Lab (2)21TBA Thu 2:30** 5:3013
304433Therapeutics (1)12Dr. Rowan Fahad AlejilatBB-S05Tue Thu 10:00**11:3035
304434Immunology and Vaccines12Feras Fawzi LafiSA-S13Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3022
304438Therapeutics Lab (1)11Dr. Rowan Fahad Alejilat Tue 2:30** 5:3020
304438Therapeutics Lab (1)21Dr. Rowan Fahad Alejilat Wed 2:30** 5:304
304511Toxic Plants13Dr. Omar Salem GammohSA-S12Tue Thu 1:00** 2:302
304512Drug Design13Dr. Waleed Abdelhalim ZalloumSA-S12Mon Wed 10:00**11:3032
304532Clinical Nutrition12Dr. Rula Ali AmrSA-F13Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0014
304533Patient Counseling12Dr. Rowan Fahad AlejilatSB-F20Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0017
304541Drug Delivery Systems13Dr. Islam Mustafa Hamad Tue Thu 11:30** 1:000
304542Protein and Gene Therapy12Dr. Zaid Adel AburubaihaSA-S13Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3014
304543Marketing and Pharmacoeconomics13Dr. Bushra Khaled AlmahadinBA-F20Mon Wed 2:30** 4:0023
304544Pharmacogenetics12Dr. Omar Salem GammohSA-F12Tue Thu 8:30**10:0011
304550Selected Topics 111Dr. Waleed Abdelhalim ZalloumSA-G12Tue 4:00** 5:002
304551Selected Topics 212Dr. Waleed Abdelhalim ZalloumSB-F33Mon Wed 8:30**10:003
401121Programming Fundamentals13Dr. Mohammad Jamil DaoudSA-F11Mon Wed 11:30** 1:001
401122Object Oriented Programming Language13Dr. Ahmed Mahmood Bani MustafaSA-G03Mon Wed 11:30** 1:004
401211Theory of Computation13Prof. Raed Abu ZitarSA-G11Tue Thu 2:30** 4:004
401231Digital Logic Design13Dr. Muhammed Jassem AlmuhammedSA-G03Tue Thu 11:30** 1:004
401241Networks and Data Communications13Prof. Raed Abu ZitarSA-G03Mon Wed 10:00**11:305
401313Principles of Computer Algorithms13Dr. Mohammad Jamil DaoudSA-G11Mon Wed 1:00** 2:307
401315Principles of Computer Graphics13Dr. Muhammed Jassem AlmuhammedSA-G11Mon Wed 10:00**11:303
401321Web-Based Programming and Applications13Dr. Mohammad Jamil DaoudSA-G03Tue Thu 8:30**10:007
401324Programming Languages Concepts13Dr. Ahmed Mahmood Bani MustafaSA-F11Mon Wed 8:30**10:008
401342Computer Security13Dr. Muhammed Jassem AlmuhammedSA-G11Tue Thu 1:00** 2:305
401355System Analysis and Design13Dr. Ahmed Mahmood Bani MustafaSA-G11Tue Thu 11:30** 1:008
401453Database Management Systems13Dr. Ahmed Mahmood Bani MustafaSA-G03Tue Thu 10:00**11:302
401491Graduation Project13Dr. Ahmad Al-Daraiseh ProjectU4
401492Practical Training13Prof. Raed Abu Zitar TrainingU2
500101Microeconomics13Dr. Marwan Abdulah Al NahlehBA-G24Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0039
500102Macroeconomics13Dr. Marwan Abdulah Al NahlehBA-G24Mon Wed 2:30** 4:0029
500102Macroeconomics23Dr. Marwan Abdulah Al NahlehBB-G05Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0030
500301International Economics13Dr. Asem Taleb TahtmouniBB-G07Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0011
501101Principles of Accounting (1)13zaid ahmad alzghoulBB-G05Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0012
501101Principles of Accounting (1)23Dr. Osama O.A. JaaraBA-G24Mon Wed 1:00** 2:307
501112Principles of Accounting (2)13Dr. Moustafa Abedallah AlqudahBB-G05Tue Thu 10:00**11:3015
501211Intermediate Accounting (1)13zaid ahmad alzghoulBB-G05Tue Thu 8:30**10:0014
501212Intermediate Accounting (2)13Dr. Barihan Adnan NabilBB-G05Mon Wed 1:00** 2:308
501231Cost Accounting(1)13Dr. Barihan Adnan NabilBB-G07Tue Thu 10:00**11:3015
501231Cost Accounting(1)23Dr. Barihan Adnan NabilBB-G07Mon Wed 10:00**11:307
501241Accounting Not-for-Profit Organizations13Dr. Moustafa Abedallah AlqudahBB-G07Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3031
501242Financial Accounting and Reporting using Computers13Dr. Moustafa Abedallah AlqudahBA-F32Mon Wed 10:00**11:3013
501243Tax Accounting13TBA Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0010
501322Contemporary Accounting Issues13zaid ahmad alzghoulBB-G09Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0018
501333Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing13Muhannad Ahmad AtmehBB-G11Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0016
501341Accounting for Financial Institutions13Dr. Barihan Adnan NabilBB-G09Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3020
501342Accounting Information Systems13zaid ahmad alzghoulBB-G09Mon Wed 8:30**10:0016
501420Financial Accounting Theory13Dr. Osama O.A. JaaraSA-G13Mon Wed 10:00**11:3025
501421International Accounting Standards and IFRS13Muhannad Ahmad AtmehBB-G09Tue Thu 2:30** 4:0027
501425Comparative International Accounting13Dr. Moustafa Abedallah AlqudahBB-G09Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3022
501431International Auditing Standards13Muhannad Ahmad AtmehBB-G07Mon Wed 8:30**10:0035
501441Tax Accounting13Muhannad Ahmad AtmehBB-G09Tue Thu 11:30** 1:007
501491Practical Training13zaid ahmad alzghoul TrainingU4
501499Graduation Project13Dr. Osama O.A. Jaara ProjectU8
502101Principles of Management13Dr. Talal Taher NuseirBB-G14Mon Wed 11:30** 1:008
502101Principles of Management23Dr. Talal Taher NuseirBB-G11Tue Thu 11:30** 1:004
502141Public Relation Management13Dr. Talal Taher NuseirBB-G11Tue Thu 8:30**10:0026
502212Organizational Behavior13Dr. Khaled Mahmoud Al EdwanBB-G11Mon Wed 10:00**11:3040
502324Quantitative Methods in Management13Dr. Faris Odeh AlmajaliBA-S32Mon Wed 10:00**11:3020
502324Quantitative Methods in Management23Dr. Faris Odeh AlmajaliBA-F32Tue Thu 10:00**11:3016
502332E-Business13Dr. Faris Odeh AlmajaliBB-G11Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3010
502332E-Business23Dr. Faris Odeh AlmajaliBB-G05Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3040
502348Small Business Management13Dr. Talal Taher NuseirBB-G05Mon Wed 8:30**10:0015
502412Knowledge Management13Ashraf Asa'D AkehBB-G11Mon Wed 8:30**10:0017
502412Knowledge Management23Ashraf Asa'D Akeh Tue Thu 8:30**10:007
502413Business Ethics and Social Responsibility13Dr. Khaled Mahmoud Al EdwanBB-G09Tue Thu 10:00**11:3040
502415Strategic Management13Dr. Loiy Ahmad Bani IsmailBB-G07Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3040
502416Total Quality Management13Dr. Loiy Ahmad Bani IsmailBB-G14Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0040
502422Purchasing and Materials Management13Dr. Mohammad Jamal AlawamlehBB-G14Tue Thu 10:00**11:3034
502443Project Management13Dr. Mohammad Jamal AlawamlehBB-S03Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0040
502491Practical Training13Dr. Mohammad Jamal Alawamleh TrainingU3
502492Graduation Project13Dr. Loiy Ahmad Bani Ismail ProjectU3
502492Graduation Project23Dr. Mohammad Jamal Alawamleh ProjectU1
503101Principles of Finance (1)13Dr. Fouzan Abdel Qader AlqaisiBB-G09Mon Wed 10:00**11:3040
503101Principles of Finance (1)23Dr. Fouzan Abdel Qader AlqaisiBB-S03Tue Thu 10:00**11:3034
503211Principles of Finance (2)13Dr. Naser Dean Jameel AlnajjarBB-G14Tue Thu 8:30**10:0017
503240Risk Management and Insurance13Dr. Naser Dean Jameel AlnajjarBB-S03Mon Wed 10:00**11:303
503320Bank Management13Dr. Naser Dean Jameel AlnajjarBB-G14Mon Wed 8:30**10:006
503322Islamic Banking and Finance13Dr. Asem Taleb TahtmouniBB-S03Mon Wed 8:30**10:0017
503330Investment and Portfolio Management13Prof. Kamal Ahmad QudahBA-F21Mon Wed 11:30** 1:006
503340Financial Risk Management13Dr. Asem Taleb TahtmouniBA-F21Tue Thu 10:00**11:3011
503410International Financial Management13Dr. Naser Dean Jameel AlnajjarBA-F21Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0011
503411Financial Information Systems13Prof. Kamal Ahmad QudahBB-S03Mon Wed 2:30** 4:005
503431Behavioral Finance13Dr. Marwan Abdulah Al NahlehBB-S03Tue Thu 2:30** 4:0013
503491Practical Training13Prof. Kamal Ahmad Qudah TrainingU4
503492Graduation Project13Dr. Fouzan Abdel Qader Alqaisi ProjectU2
504101Principles of Marketing13Fandi Yousef OmeishBB-S05Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0014
504101Principles of Marketing23Fandi Yousef OmeishBA-F19Tue Thu 10:00**11:303
504212Consumer Behavior13Prof. Ra`Ef Tawfeeq Alsa`EedBB-S05Mon Wed 10:00**11:3016
504213Marketing Communications13Fandi Yousef OmeishBB-S05Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3018
504216Price Management13Dr. Bushra Khaled AlmahadinBB-S04Tue Thu 8:30**10:009
504226Marketing Management13Prof. Ra`Ef Tawfeeq Alsa`EedBB-S03Mon Wed 1:00** 2:308
504231Personal Selling13Majda Issa AyyoubBB-S05Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3018
504322Marketing Strategy13Dr. Bushra Khaled AlmahadinBB-S04Tue Thu 11:30** 1:008
504323Supply Chain Management13Majda Issa AyyoubBB-S03Tue Thu 8:30**10:0012
504324Marketing Information Systems13Prof. Ra`Ef Tawfeeq Alsa`EedBB-S07Tue Thu 10:00**11:3012
504346Industrial Marketing13Majda Issa AyyoubBB-S07Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0013
504347Services Marketing13Majda Issa AyyoubBB-S04Mon Wed 10:00**11:3010
504421International Marketing13Dr. Bushra Khaled AlmahadinBA-F03Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0013
504441Sport Marketing13Fandi Yousef OmeishBB-S04Mon Wed 8:30**10:009
504491Practical Training13Fandi Yousef Omeish TrainingU2
504492Graduation Project13Dr. Khaled Mahmoud Al Edwan ProjectU11
505101Principles of Risk Management13Lama Karim AsfourBB-S04Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3012
505101Principles of Risk Management23Lama Karim AsfourBB-S07Mon Wed 8:30**10:004
505210Probability Theory & Decision Making13Dr. Usama Adnan Al-FendiBB-S05Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0013
505221Strategic Management and Planning13Dr. Ihab Hanna SawalhaBB-S09Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0017
505222Risk in Islamic Banks13Dr. Usama Adnan Al-FendiBB-S04Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3030
505232Crises Communications13Lama Karim AsfourBB-S09Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0041
505241Principles of Insurance (1)13Lama Karim AsfourBB-S09Tue Thu 8:30**10:0024
505242Principles of Actuarial Studies (1)13Dr. Usama Adnan Al-FendiBB-S09Mon Wed 10:00**11:3040
505312Financial Analysis13Lama Karim AsfourBB-G07Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0020
505321Corporate Environmental Management13Dr. Jamal Mousa ShamiehBB-S04Tue Thu 10:00**11:3039
505333Corporate Governance13Dr. Jamal Mousa ShamiehBB-G07Tue Thu 8:30**10:0035
505422Risk Management for Financial Institutions13Dr. Usama Adnan Al-FendiBB-S07Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3029
505491Practical Training13Dr. Usama Adnan Al-Fendi TrainingU2
505492Graduation Project13Dr. Ihab Hanna Sawalha ProjectU3
505492Graduation Project23Dr. Jamal Mousa Shamieh ProjectU4
602100Introduction to Film Making13Aseel Othman QuzmarSA-F02Tue Thu 10:00** 1:002
602101Introduction to Computer Graphics13Salem Jamil HaddadBA-G12Mon Wed 10:00**12:307
602103Introduction to Musicology13TBABA-F21Mon Wed 4:00** 5:308
602105After Effect Techniques13Salem Jamil HaddadBA-G12Mon Wed 12:30** 2:304
602109Computer Skills in Video Editing13Hassan Nayef Al TarawnehBA-G37Tue Thu 3:00** 5:001
602111Color Theory & Applications (Studio)13Fadi Khaldoon DaoudBA-S03Mon Wed 1:00** 3:308
602112Design Principles and History13Dr. Sami (Moh`D Eid) AltalBA-S12Mon Wed 8:30**10:0015
602114Introduction to Drawing and Perspective I13Dr. Abdulsalam Mustafa ChayeraSA-F03Mon Wed 12:30** 3:300
602117Principle and Structure of Graphic Design13Dr. Sami (Moh`D Eid) AltalSA-F01Mon Wed 10:00**12:008
602213Design: Theory, Methodology and Professional Practice13Dr. Sami (Moh`D Eid) Altal Tue Thu 10:00**11:3015
602214Design Psychology13Fadi Khaldoon Daoud Mon Wed 3:30** 5:000
602220Techniques of Drawing & Coloring (Studio)13Dr. Abdulsalam Mustafa ChayeraSA-F03Mon Wed 10:00**12:305
602221Digital Photography13Salem Jamil HaddadBA-S12Tue Thu 10:00**12:000
602323Typography & layout Design 213Salem Jamil HaddadSA-F02Mon Wed 2:30** 5:305
602331Digital & Motion Design13Hassan Nayef Al TarawnehBA-G37Tue Thu 10:00**12:301
602341History of Islamic Art13Fadi Khaldoon DaoudBA-S12Mon Wed 11:30**12:303
602421Branding & Packaging Design 113Aseel Othman QuzmarBA-F21Tue Thu 1:00** 2:301
602430Website Design & Production13Hassan Nayef Al TarawnehBA-G37Mon Wed 2:30** 5:300
602431Animation / MAYA13Hassan Nayef Al TarawnehBA-G37Tue Thu 12:30** 2:301
602432Design Technologies & Illustrations13Dr. Abdulsalam Mustafa ChayeraBA-G12Tue Thu 1:00** 2:301
602433Design & Print Media13Aseel Othman QuzmarSA-F02Mon Wed 10:00** 1:000
602442Aesthetics13Dr. Keram Thieb Al NimriBA-F20Mon Wed 10:00**11:302
602443Printing Techniques13Dr. Abdulsalam Mustafa ChayeraSA-F03Tue Thu 10:00**12:300
602492Graduation Project (2)13Aseel Othman QuzmarBA-S12ProjectU2
602493Special Topics13Fadi Khaldoon Daoud Mon Wed 9:00**11:001
606110Introduction to Creative Arts I13TBA Mon Wed 12:30** 3:001
606111Introduction to Creative Arts II13TBASA-F01Tue Thu 1:00** 3:0012
606113Architectural Technical Drawing13TBASA-F01Tue Thu 3:00** 5:000
606212History of Architecture and Art II13Prof. Naif HaddadBA-F02Mon Wed 9:30**11:001
606272Architectural Design Studio II14TBABA-S14Tue Thu 1:00** 5:009
606314Contemporary Architecture and Design13Dr. Yasir Mohammad SakrBA-S14Tue Thu 10:00**11:3010
606322Building Construction Materials and Processes II13TBABA-G14Tue Thu 1:00** 3:004
606341Understanding the Built Environment13TBAMERGEDTue Thu 10:00**11:301
606374Architectural Design IV14Dr. Yasir Mohammad SakrBA-S14Mon Wed 12:30** 4:306
606376Computer Aided Architectural Design I13Sa'Ad Nayel MaghairehSA-S02Mon Wed 12:30** 2:304
606377Computer Aided Architectural Design II13Dr. Yassin Taha Al-IssawiBA-F12Tue Thu 3:00** 6:007
606433Interior Environmental Systems I22Nizar Shitawi HaddadBA-G14Tue Thu 9:00**10:304
606434Interior Environmental Systems II22Nizar Shitawi HaddadBA-F02Tue Thu 12:30** 2:005
606442Landscape Architecture13Prof. Kamel Ottallah Al MahadinBA-G14Mon Wed 10:30**12:307
606475Architectural Design Studio V14Prof. Ahmad AlzoabiBA-F02Mon Wed 12:30** 4:302
606476International Architecture Studio13Prof. Kamel Ottallah Al MahadinBA-G14Mon Wed 12:30** 4:0012
606478Computer Aided Architectural Design 313TBASA-S02Tue Thu 3:00** 6:009
606482Architectural Media, Graphics, Photography and Representation13Caesar Faruk JarrarSA-S02Tue Thu 12:30** 2:307
606515Green & Sustainable Architecture13Prof. Ahmad AlzoabiBA-F02Tue Thu 11:00**12:302
606517Media in Architecture and Design13T B ASA-S02Mon Wed 8:30**10:304
606543Heritage Conservation13Prof. Naif Haddad Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0011
606561Occupational Health and Safety13TBASA-F01Tue Thu 10:00**11:3017
606562Project Management and Site Organization13Caesar Faruk JarrarBA-F21Tue Thu 8:30**10:0010
606578Utility Planning and Design I13TBASA-G13Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3020
606579Utility Planning and Design II13TBABA-G14Tue Thu 10:30**12:300
606583Digital Architecture23TBABA-S32Tue Thu 1:30** 4:308
606591Graduation Project I12TBABA-F14Tue Thu 9:30**11:300
606592Graduation Project II16Prof. Ahmad AlzoabiBA-F14Tue Thu 2:30** 4:004
606592Graduation Project II26Prof. Kamel Ottallah Al MahadinBA-F14Mon Wed 8:30**10:006
606592Graduation Project II36Prof. Naif HaddadBA-F14Mon Wed 1:00** 3:302
606592Graduation Project II46Dr. Yasir Mohammad SakrBA-F14Tue Thu 11:30** 1:304
606592Graduation Project II56TBABA-F14Mon Wed 10:30**12:301
607100Introduction to Theatre Arts13Dr. Keram Thieb Al NimriBA-F20Tue Thu 10:00**11:309
607221Fundamentals of Interior Design12Caesar Faruk Jarrar Mon Wed 1:30** 3:003
607222History of Islamic Interior Design12Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Issawi Mon Wed 1:30** 2:302
607223History of Modern Interior Design12Sa'Ad Nayel Maghaireh Tue Thu 1:30** 2:301
607224Current Issues in Interior Design12Caesar Faruk JarrarBA-S03Tue Thu 3:00** 4:008
607231Interior Construction Works I12Nour Mehrez ShahrouriBA-F24Mon Wed 1:00** 2:303
607232Interior Construction Works II12Nour Mehrez ShahrouriBA-F24Mon Wed 3:00** 4:300
607241Interior Design Studio I- Residential14Dr. Mhd Kamal Farouk Ramzi Tue Thu 9:00** 1:001
607242Interior Design Studio || - Commercial Spaces14Nour Mehrez ShahrouriBA-F24Mon Wed 9:00** 1:008
607311Design Sociology and Psychology11Dr. Yassin Taha Al-IssawiBA-S12Mon Wed 3:30** 5:005
607312Design Strategies and Marketing11Nour Mehrez ShahrouriBA-G03Tue Thu 1:30** 2:303
607324Computer Aided Interior Design I13Nour Mehrez ShahrouriBA-F12Tue Thu 9:00**12:009
607325Computer Aided Interior Design II13Dr. Yassin Taha Al-IssawiSA-S02Tue Thu 9:00**12:003
607333Interior Construction Works III13Dr. Mhd Kamal Farouk Ramzi Tue Thu 1:00** 3:005
607334Interior Construction Works IV13Dr. Mhd Kamal Farouk RamziBA-S24Mon Wed 1:00** 3:008
607343Interior Design Studio III- Administration14Sa'Ad Nayel MaghairehBA-S24Tue Thu 9:00** 1:000
607344Interior Design Studio IV- Environmental14Dr. Yassin Taha Al-IssawiBA-S24Mon Wed 9:00** 1:0010
607346Color, Light, and Space12TBABA-S12Mon Wed 2:30** 3:306
607347Lighting Design12Dr. Yassin Taha Al-IssawiBA-F12Tue Thu 12:30** 1:307
607426Computer Aided Interior Design 313Sa'Ad Nayel MaghairehBA-F12Mon Wed 9:00**11:300
607445Interior Design Studio V- Touristic14Caesar Faruk Jarrar Mon Wed 9:00** 1:006
607448Furniture Design12Dr. Mhd Kamal Farouk RamziBA-S24Tue Thu 3:00** 5:002
607460Local / International Internship13Nizar Shitawi Haddad TrainingU3
607461ID Graduation Project I12Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Issawi ProjectU0
607461ID Graduation Project I22Nour Mehrez Shahrouri ProjectU1
607461ID Graduation Project I32Sa'Ad Nayel Maghaireh ProjectU0
607461ID Graduation Project I42Dr. Mhd Kamal Farouk Ramzi ProjectU0
607461ID Graduation Project I52Salem Jamil Haddad ProjectU0
607461ID Graduation Project I62Caesar Faruk Jarrar ProjectU1
607462ID Graduation Project II14Sa'Ad Nayel Maghaireh ProjectU12
607463Local / International Internship16TBAMERGEDTrainingU1
700251Western Thought & Culture13Dr. Marcelle MuasherBA-F19Tue Thu 1:00** 2:302
700442English Teaching Methodology (2)13Dr. Hanan Majed Al MadanatBA-G03Mon Wed 1:00** 2:303
701226Appreciation of Literary Texts13Dr. Shahla Abdulazim UjayliBA-F03Tue Thu 10:00**11:302
701271Arabic Syntax13Dr. Shahla Abdulazim UjayliBA-S32Mon Wed 11:30** 1:000
702005Italian / European Language (1)13Maria Rosaria - PapaBA-G31Tue Thu 10:00**11:3013
702006Italian / European Language (2)13Maria Rosaria - PapaBA-G03Tue Thu 11:30** 1:001
702104Study Skills13Dr. Akram Ahmad AldeekBA-G03Mon Wed 2:30** 4:005
702106Writing (1)13Dr. Celine A. LyonsBA-G32Tue Thu 11:30** 1:000
702107Paragraph and Essay Writing13TBAMERGED1Tue Thu 11:30** 1:006
702132English for Business13Mona Giries SweisBA-F32Tue Thu 11:30** 1:008
702211English Phonetics (1)13Dr. Celine A. LyonsBA-G31Tue Thu 8:30**10:008
702222Introduction to Linguistics13Mahmoud Ahmad Moh`d Said El SALMANBA-F21Mon Wed 1:00** 2:303
702301Writing (3)13Dr. Marcelle MuasherBA-G32Mon Wed 10:00**11:303
702312English Phonetics & Phonology13TBAMERGED1Tue Thu 8:30**10:002
702321English Grammar (2)13Mahmoud Ahmad Moh`d Said El SALMANBA-F20Tue Thu 8:30**10:007
702323Syntax13Mahmoud Ahmad Moh`d Said El SALMANBA-G03Mon Wed 10:00**11:3014
702325Sociolinguistics13Prof. Issam Mahmoud Abu SalimBA-F03Tue Thu 1:00** 2:302
702334American Literature: Beginning to 185013Dr. Wafa AlkhadraBA-G32Tue Thu 10:00**11:301
702337English Poetry13Dr. Marcelle MuasherBA-G03Mon Wed 11:30** 1:004
702338English Short Story13Dr. Akram Ahmad AldeekLANG.LABMon Wed 11:30** 1:000
702429Special Topics in Linguistics13Prof. Issam Mahmoud Abu SalimBA-F19Mon Wed 10:00**11:301
702430Shakespeare13Dr. Akram Ahmad AldeekBA-G31Tue Thu 1:00** 2:305
702436Literary Criticism & Literary Schools13Dr. Wafa AlkhadraBA-F20Mon Wed 8:30**10:005
702439Special Topics in Literature13Dr. Akram Ahmad AldeekBA-S32Tue Thu 10:00**11:305
702440Graduation Project13Mahmoud Ahmad Moh`d Said El SALMAN ProjectU6
703242Applied Translation (A-E)13Dr. Taroub Abdul Aziz Al KhayyatBA-G03Mon Wed 8:30**10:001
703251Culture & Globalization13Yara Majdi SabriBA-F32Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0011
703341Introduction to Interpretation13Dr. Taroub Abdul Aziz Al KhayyatBA-G32Mon Wed 11:30** 1:001
703342Consecutive Interpretation13Yara Majdi SabriBA-G31Mon Wed 8:30**10:003
703344Translation for the Media13Dr. Taroub Abdul Aziz Al KhayyatBA-S32Tue Thu 11:30** 1:003
703346Scientific Translation13Prof. Issam Mahmoud Abu SalimBA-G12Tue Thu 10:00**11:305
703443Simultaneous Interpretation13Yara Majdi SabriLANG.LABTue Thu 8:30**10:002
703460Field Training13Dr. Wafa Alkhadra TrainingU1
703461Graduation Project13Yara Majdi Sabri UU0
900096Computer Literacy10Dr. Muhammed Jassem AlmuhammedSA-F11Tue Thu 10:00**11:307
900096Computer Literacy20Dr. Ahmad Al-DaraisehSA-F11Mon Wed 10:00**11:3011
900097Remedial Arabic10Baker Mousa Alswa'DehBA-F19Mon Wed 8:30**10:007
900097Remedial Arabic20Baker Mousa Alswa'DehBA-F20Tue Thu 11:30** 1:008
900099Remedial English10Afag Sami KhzouzLANG.LABMon Wed 8:30**10:005
900099Remedial English20Afag Sami KhzouzOFFICE1Mon Wed 1:00** 2:302
900099Remedial English30Afag Sami KhzouzLANG.LABTue Thu 11:30** 1:001
900099Remedial English40Afag Sami KhzouzLANG.LABMon Wed 10:00**11:309
900099Remedial English50Afag Sami KhzouzLANG.LABTue Thu 10:00**11:300
900100Swimming10Taj Eddin Ahmad WedyanSP-01Mon 2:30** 4:0041
900100Swimming20Taj Eddin Ahmad WedyanSP-01Tue 4:00** 5:3041
900101Sports (1)11Taj Eddin Ahmad WedyanSP-01Mon Wed 10:00**11:3030
900101Sports (1)21Taj Eddin Ahmad WedyanSP-01Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0030
900103Swimming11Taj Eddin Ahmad WedyanSP-02Wed 2:30** 4:0030
900110Cultural Development (1)11Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweityBB-G14Mon 1:00** 2:3030
900110Cultural Development (1)21Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweityBB-G14Wed 1:00** 2:3021
900110Cultural Development (1)31Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweityBB-G05Mon 2:30** 4:0010
900110Cultural Development (1)41Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweityBB-S03Tue 11:30** 1:0030
900110Cultural Development (1)51Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweityBB-S03Thu 11:30** 1:0025
900110Cultural Development (1)61Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweityBB-S04Tue 2:30** 4:008
900110Cultural Development (1)71Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweitySA-F13Tue 8:30**10:0030
900111Military Science13Military ScienceBA-G24Mon Wed 10:00**11:3048
900111Military Science23Military ScienceBA-G24Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0030
900112Civic Education13Dr. Hanan Majed Al MadanatBB-G05Mon Wed 10:00**11:301
900112Civic Education23Dr. Hanan Majed Al MadanatBB-S09Tue Thu 1:00** 2:305
900115Social Ethics13Dr. Christina John ZachariaBA-F21Mon Wed 10:00**11:3020
900115Social Ethics23Dr. Christina John ZachariaBA-G24Tue Thu 8:30**10:0038
900116Bio-Ethics13Dr. Sima Sa'Id ZeinSA-S11Tue Thu 8:30**10:0022
900117Civic Awareness13TBA Mon Wed 10:00**11:3033
900117Civic Awareness23TBAMERGEDTue Thu 1:00** 2:3034
900120Arabic Communication Skills13Dr. Shahla Abdulazim UjayliSA-G13Mon Wed 8:30**10:0018
900120Arabic Communication Skills23Dr. Shahla Abdulazim UjayliSA-S12Tue Thu 8:30**10:006
900120Arabic Communication Skills33Baker Mousa Alswa'DehSA-F12Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3013
900130English Communication Skills (1)13Dr. Celine A. Lyons Mon Wed 8:30**10:009
900130English Communication Skills (1)23Dr. Celine A. LyonsBA-F20Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0020
900130English Communication Skills (1)33Dr. Taroub Abdul Aziz Al KhayyatBA-S03Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3014
900130English Communication Skills (1)43Dr. Marcelle MuasherBA-S03Tue Thu 8:30**10:0016
900131English Communication Skills (2)13Mona Giries SweisSA-F13Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3030
900131English Communication Skills (2)23Mona Giries SweisBA-S03Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0020
900140Appreciation of Art13Dr. Keram Thieb Al NimriBB-G14Tue Thu 1:00** 2:307
900140Appreciation of Art23Dr. Keram Thieb Al NimriBB-G14Tue Thu 2:30** 4:005
900141Appreciation of Music13T B ABA-F19Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3011
900150Introduction to Economics13Dr. Asem Taleb TahtmouniBB-S05Tue Thu 8:30**10:005
900160Entrepreneurship and Enterprises13Ashraf Asa'D AkehBA-G24Tue Thu 1:00** 2:3021
900160Entrepreneurship and Enterprises23Ashraf Asa'D AkehBA-F20Mon Wed 1:00** 2:304
900170Energy and The Environment13Dr. Hayel Masoud AsaadSB-G44Tue Thu 10:00**11:3034
900170Energy and The Environment23Dr. Hayel Masoud AsaadSB-G44Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3024
900180Computer Skills23Dr. Mohammad Jamil DaoudSA-F11Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0014
900201Sports (2)11Taj Eddin Ahmad WedyanSP-01Tue Thu 10:00**11:3030
900201Sports (2)21Taj Eddin Ahmad WedyanSP-01Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0030
900202Sports (3)11Taj Eddin Ahmad WedyanSP-01Tue Thu 2:30** 4:0027
900210Cultural Development (2)11Dr. Christina John ZachariaBA-G24Mon 8:30**10:0020
900210Cultural Development (2)21Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweityBB-G05Wed 2:30** 4:0018
900210Cultural Development (2)31Dr. Christina John ZachariaBB-S07Wed 11:30** 1:0013
900210Cultural Development (2)41Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud SweitySA-F13Thu 8:30**10:0022
900211Cultural Development (3)11Dr. Christina John ZachariaSA-S11Tue 11:30** 1:0020
902101General Chemistry (1)13Dr. Dalya Sadeg Al-SaadSB-G33Mon Wed 8:30**10:000
902101General Chemistry (1)23Dr. Dalya Sadeg Al-SaadSB-G44Tue Thu 1:00** 2:301
902107General Chemistry Lab (1)11Dr. Dalya Sadeg Al-Saad Mon 11:30** 2:300
902107General Chemistry Lab (1)21Dr. Dalya Sadeg Al-Saad Tue 8:30**11:300
902111Organic Chemistry for Health Sciences13Dr. Baker Salim "Jawabrah Al-Hourani"SB-F44Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0014
902111Organic Chemistry for Health Sciences23Dr. Baker Salim "Jawabrah Al-Hourani"SB-F44Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3011
902117Organic Chemistry Lab for Health Sciences11Dr. Baker Salim "Jawabrah Al-Hourani" Tue 2:30** 5:309
902117Organic Chemistry Lab for Health Sciences21Dr. Baker Salim "Jawabrah Al-Hourani" Thu 2:30** 5:302
903101Calculus (1)13Nehma Salem AltawilBA-F03Tue Thu 8:30**10:008
903102Calculus (2)13Nehma Salem AltawilBB-S09Mon Wed 8:30**10:0011
903102Calculus (2)23Nehma Salem AltawilBA-F19Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0010
903103Mathematics for Business13Hemam Adel FakhouriBB-S07Tue Thu 8:30**10:0013
903103Mathematics for Business23Hemam Adel FakhouriBB-S07Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3030
903182Statistics for Business13Prof. Muhannad Al RosanBB-S09Tue Thu 10:00**11:3040
903201Applied Math for Engineering (1)13Hemam Adel FakhouriSB-G09Mon Wed 8:30**10:0019
903231Statistics for Health Sciences12Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Al-SmadiSB-F20Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3021
903281Probability and Statistics13Nehma Salem AltawilBA-F03Mon Wed 10:00**11:3014
903281Probability and Statistics23Nehma Salem AltawilSB-G33Tue Thu 1:00** 2:301
903301Applied Math for Engineering (2)13TBASB-G44Mon Wed 2:30** 4:001
903381Numerical Analysis13TBASB-G44Tue Thu 2:30** 4:000
904101General Physics (1)13Dr. Jamal Abdel Rahman MuaddiSB-G44Mon Wed 8:30**10:001
904101General Physics (1)23Dr. Jamal Abdel Rahman MuaddiBA-G24Tue Thu 10:00**11:303
904101General Physics (1)33Dr. Awni Naim Al HouraniSB-F44Mon Wed 10:00**11:301
904102General Physics (2)13Dr. Jamal Abdel Rahman MuaddiSB-G09Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0015
904102General Physics (2)23Prof. Munir Sweilem DababnehSB-G44Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0011
904102General Physics (2)33Dr. Hayel Masoud AsaadSB-G44Mon Wed 10:00**11:305
904103Physics for Health Sciences13Dr. Awni Naim Al Hourani Tue Thu 8:30**10:002
904104Physics for Architects13TBAMERGED2Mon Wed 10:00**11:300
904107General Physics Lab (1)11Anwar "Moh'D Nezar" Bakeer Tue 11:30** 2:303
904108General Physics Lab (2)11Anwar "Moh'D Nezar" Bakeer Mon 8:30**11:303
904108General Physics Lab (2)21Anwar "Moh'D Nezar" Bakeer Mon 11:30** 2:303
904108General Physics Lab (2)31Anwar "Moh'D Nezar" Bakeer Tue 2:30** 5:3015
904108General Physics Lab (2)41Anwar "Moh'D Nezar" Bakeer Tue 8:30**11:303