Class schedule

Semester : Order by  Course No.
Course No.Course NameSectionCredit HoursInstructorHallDaysTimeStudents No.
102201Statics13Tamer G. El JufoutSB-G33Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3021
102251Surveying13Tamer G. El JufoutSB-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0034
102259Land Surveying12TBA Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0015
102311Structural Analysis (1)13Zaid M. A. Al HasasnehSB-G20Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:308
102341Fluid Mechanics13Dr. Assal HaddadBB-G14Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0022
102342Hydraulics13Dr. Assal HaddadSB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:307
102411Reinforced Concrete (1)13Hamdallah M.O. Al-BaijatSA-S11Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:003
102412Reinforced Concrete (2)13Hamdallah M.O. Al-BaijatSA-S11Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:305
102413Steel Structures13TBASA-F13Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0014
102460Engineering Economics12Abdullah Mohammad Al QudahBA-F19Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3022
102470Civil Engineering Practical Training13Dr. Assal Haddad TrainingU41
102514Earthquake Engineering13TBASB-F33Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0015
103318Introduction to Electrical Engineering13Zaid Mohammad Al SayesSB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0015
103421Communications Electronics Lab21Zaid Mohammad Al Sayes Sat 9:00**12:002
103490Electrical Engineering Training13Dr. Khalid Oweis TrainingU1
104211Dynamics13Youssef SefraniBA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3017
104212Mechanics of Materials13Youssef SefraniSA-S11Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0017
104400Topics in Engineering Profession12Zaid Mohammad Al SayesSB-G33Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:308
104400Topics in Engineering Profession22Zaid Mohammad Al Sayes Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:301
104490Engineering Training13Handri Ammari TrainingU9
201251Cell Biology13Dr. Wajdy Al AwaidaSA-G13Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:006
301232Biochemistry13Dr. Wajdy Al AwaidaSA-S11Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3039
301344Medical Virology12Dr. Raymond BatchounSA-S13Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:309
301436Clinical urinanalysis Lab/ Hospital Laboratory Practice21Prof.Khalid Matalka TrainingU3
301471Biochemistry / Training23Prof.Khalid Matalka TrainingU4
301472Clinical Microbiology / Hospital Laboratory Practice23Prof.Khalid Matalka TrainingU6
303111Fundamentals of Nutrition13Dr.Fadwa HammouhBA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:007
303441Food System Management13Dr. Ghada Al BandakSB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0011
303451Therapeutic Nutrition13Dr.Fadwa HammouhSA-F15Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:306
303461Internship in Food Services13Dr. Ghada Al Bandak TrainingU6
304210Chemistry of Heterocycles11Dr.Dalya Al-saadSA-F12Mon Wed 11:30** 1:006
304213Analytical Chemistry13Dr. Sa'ib Al KhouriSB-G44Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3012
304215Clinical Biochemistry12Dr. Wajdy Al AwaidaSA-S12Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0023
304218Analytical Chemistry Lab11Dr. Sa'ib Al Khouri Tue Thu 11:30** 2:3012
304231Basic Microbiology13Dr. Raymond BatchounSB-F44Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0027
304311Medicinal Chemistry (1)12Dr. Waleed ZalloumSA-F13Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:009
304312Medicinal Chemistry (2)12Dr. Waleed ZalloumSA-S12Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3016
304317Medicinal Chemistry Lab (2)11Dr. Waleed Zalloum Tue Thu 11:30** 2:3013
304321Pharmaceutics (1)13Dr. Ayman KhadairSA-F13Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3015
304326Pharmaceutics Lab (1)11Dr. Ayman Khadair Mon Wed 11:30** 2:3012
304331Pharmacology (1)13Dr. Omar GammohSA-G13Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:009
304425Cosmetics Preparations12Dr. Islam HamadSB-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:001
304428Pharmaceutical Technology Lab (2)11Dr. Ayman Khadair Sat 12:00** 3:001
304431Pharmacology (3)13Dr. Omar Gammoh Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:305
304435Community Pharmacy13Dr. Islam Hamad TrainingU6
304435Community Pharmacy23Dr. Islam Hamad TrainingU6
304435Community Pharmacy33Dr. Islam Hamad TrainingU5
304435Community Pharmacy43Dr. Islam Hamad TrainingU6
304435Community Pharmacy53Dr. Islam Hamad TrainingU6
304435Community Pharmacy63Dr. Islam Hamad TrainingU6
304435Community Pharmacy73Dr. Islam Hamad TrainingU3
304438Therapeutics Lab (1)21Dr. Omar Gammoh Sat 12:00** 3:001
304531Therapeutics (2)12Dr. Omar GammohSB-F33Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:001
304533Patient Counseling12Dr. Omar GammohBA-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:303
304536Therapeutics Lab (2)21Dr. Omar Gammoh Sat 9:00**12:001
304545Drug Registration and Approval23Dr. Islam Hamad Sat 1:00** 3:001
304550Selected Topics 121Dr. Waleed Zalloum Sat 9:00**12:001
401222Introduction to C++ Programming13Dr.Ahmed Bani MustafaSA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0011
401324Programming Languages Concepts13Dr.Ahmed Bani MustafaSA-F11Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3012
401331Computer Architecture13Dr.Mohamad JassemSA-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3011
401423Computer Networking Programming13Dr. Mohamad DaoudSA-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0014
401492Practical Training13Prof. Raed Abu Zitar TrainingU1
500101Microeconomics13Mustafa MasaadehBB-G05Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3047
500102Macroeconomics13Mustafa MasaadehBB-G05Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3038
500201Business Research Methods13TBA Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3044
501112Principles of Accounting (2)13Mustafa A. H. Al QudahBB-G14Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:307
501231Cost Accounting(1)13Mustafa A. H. Al QudahBB-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3040
501331Managerial Accounting13Dr. Barihan NabilSA-F12Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3013
501332Auditing13Naseem N. D. SmairatBB-S05Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0012
501341Accounting for Financial Institutions13Dr. Barihan NabilBB-S07Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3016
501342Accounting Information Systems13Naseem N. D. SmairatBB-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0044
501491Practical Training13Dr. Osama Jaara TrainingU23
501499Graduation Project13Dr. Osama Jaara ProjectU13
502101Principles of Management13Dr. Talal NusairBB-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:008
502101Principles of Management23Khaled M. M. Al AdwanBB-S05Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0014
502212Organizational Behavior13Arwa Al TwalBB-S07Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3027
502222Business Research Methods13Dr. Loiy Bani IsmailBB-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:308
502311Human Resource Management13Arwa Al TwalBB-S09Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0016
502314Business Law13Dr. Mohammad AlawamlehBB-G07Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0049
502331System Analysis and Design13Fares O. A. Al MajaliBB-S07Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0019
502411Organization change and Social Development13Khaled M. M. Al AdwanBB-S05Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3041
502414International Business Management13Prof. Muhannad Al RosanBB-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0029
502491Practical Training13Dr. Loiy Bani Ismail TrainingU16
502492Graduation Project13Fares O. A. Al Majali ProjectU9
503101Principles of Finance (1)13Dr. Fouzan Abdel-Qader Al QaisiBB-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0027
503211Principles of Finance (2)13Asem T. T. TahtamouniBB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0013
503241Financial Mathematics13Dr. Fouzan Abdel-Qader Al QaisiBB-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3013
503410International Financial Management13Naser A. M. NajjarBB-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3014
503491Practical Training13Prof. Fayez Haddad TrainingU10
503492Graduation Project13Dr. Fouzan Abdel-Qader Al Qaisi ProjectU11
504101Principles of Marketing13Nadine KhairBB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3015
504323Supply Chain Management13Dr. Mohammad AlawamlehBB-G07Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3018
504332Management of Trade Fairs13Nadine KhairBB-G09Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0041
504491Practical Training13Dr. Luai Jraisat TrainingU15
504492Graduation Project13Dr. Luai Jraisat ProjectU7
505101Principles of Risk Management13Naser A. M. NajjarBB-G05Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0015
505241Principles of Insurance (1)13Abed -Alhay ElmughrabeBB-G07Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3015
505311Financial Markets and Institutions13Usama A. F. Al FendiBB-S07Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0031
505312Financial Analysis13Usama A. F. Al FendiSA-S13Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0036
505491Practical Training13Dr. Ihab Sawalha TrainingU26
505492Graduation Project13Dr. Ihab Sawalha ProjectU9
602100Introduction to Film Making13Aseel QuzmarBA-S12Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0024
602101Introduction to Computer Graphics13TBABA-F12Mon Tue Wed Thu 9:00**11:3010
602112Design Principles and History13Seif Suleiman MalhasBA-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:307
602221Digital Photography13Aseel QuzmarBA-S12Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:304
602490Local / International Internship13Prof. Ahmad AlZoabi TrainingU17
602491Graduation Project (1)13Aseel QuzmarBA-S12Mon Tue Wed Thu 2:30** 4:002
602493Special Topics13TBASA-F03Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:001
606211History of Architecture and Art I13Seif Suleiman MalhasBA-F37Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:004
606515Green & Sustainable Architecture13TBABA-S14Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0010
606543Heritage Conservation23Seif Suleiman MalhasBA-F37Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3019
606562Project Management and Site Organization13TBABA-F19Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:007
606590Local/International Internship13Prof. Ahmad AlZoabi TrainingU2
607222History of Islamic Interior Design12Yassin T. I. Al-IssawiBA-F03Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30**12:307
607223History of Modern Interior Design12Yassin T. I. Al-IssawiBA-S03Mon Tue Wed Thu 12:30** 1:305
607324Computer Aided Interior Design I13Yassin T. I. Al-IssawiBA-G12Mon Tue Wed Thu 9:00**11:3016
607333Interior Construction Works III13Dr. Mhd RamziBA-S24Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:3011
607460Local / International Internship13Dr. Mhd Ramzi TrainingU15
607461ID Graduation Project I12Dr. Mhd RamziBA-S24Project 9:00**10:000
700251Western Thought & Culture13Akram A. A. Al Deek Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:309
701226Appreciation of Literary Texts13Dr. Shahla UjailyBA-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0015
702301Writing (3)13Akram A. A. Al DeekBB-S04Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:007
702430Shakespeare13Dr. Duaa SalamehBA-F03Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:007
702437Stylistics13Dr. Duaa SalamehBA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3015
703443Simultaneous Interpretation13Dr. Duaa SalamehBA-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3010
703461Graduation Project13Dr. Duaa Salameh ProjectU0
900096Computer Literacy10Prof. Raed Abu ZitarSA-F11Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:007
900096Computer Literacy20Prof. Raed Abu ZitarSA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:305
900097Remedial Arabic10Dr. Shahla UjailyBA-F03Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:309
900097Remedial Arabic20Bakr M. R. Al Swa'dehBA-F19Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:004
900097Remedial Arabic30TBA Sat U1
900100Swimming10Taj WedyanSP-01Mon Wed 8:30** 9:3037
900100Swimming20TBA Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:000
900100Swimming30Taj Wedyan Sat 10:00** 1:0038
900101Sports (1)11Taj WedyanSP-01Mon Wed 10:00**11:3025
900101Sports (1)21TBA Tue Thu 11:30** 1:0025
900103Swimming11TBA Sat 10:00** 1:002
900110Cultural Development (1)11James RzegockiBB-G14Tue Thu 1:00** 2:0036
900111Military Science13Military ScienceBB-S01Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0036
900112Civic Education13Dr. Hanan MadanatSB-F44Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3020
900112Civic Education23Dr. Hanan MadanatSA-S12Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3016
900116Bio-Ethics13Dr. Zaid AburubaihaBB-S05Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3046
900117Civic Awareness13TBA Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:307
900117Civic Awareness23TBA Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3010
900120Arabic Communication Skills13Dr. Shahla UjailyBA-G37Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0018
900120Arabic Communication Skills23Bakr M. R. Al Swa'dehSB-G44Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0023
900130English Communication Skills (1)23TBASA-G13Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3016
900130English Communication Skills (1)33Akram A. A. Al DeekSA-F12Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3015
900131English Communication Skills (2)13TBABA-G37Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3020
900131English Communication Skills (2)23TBABA-G37Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3011
900140Appreciation of Art13T B ABB-S01Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3030
900141Appreciation of Music13TBABB-S09Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3043
900141Appreciation of Music23T B ABB-S09Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0037
900150Introduction to Economics13Asem T. T. TahtamouniBB-G14Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0028
900160Entrepreneurship and Enterprises13Dr. Talal NusairBB-S04Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3047
900170Energy and The Environment13Dr. Hayel ShehadehSA-G12Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3036
900170Energy and The Environment23Dr. Hayel ShehadehSA-G12Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0031
900171Science and Society13Dr. Zaid AburubaihaSA-S12Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:30** 1:0044
900180Computer Skills13Dr. Mohamad DaoudSA-G03Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0019
900180Computer Skills23Dr. Mohamad DaoudSA-G11Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3017
900201Sports (2)21Taj WedyanSP-02Mon Wed 11:30** 1:0038
900202Sports (3)11TBA Sat 1:00** 2:301
900202Sports (3)21Taj WedyanSP-02Mon Wed 1:00** 2:3021
900210Cultural Development (2)11James RzegockiBB-G14Mon Wed 2:30** 4:3023
902101General Chemistry (1)13Dr. Sa'ib Al KhouriSB-G44Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0011
902111Organic Chemistry for Health Sciences13Dr.Dalya Al-saadSA-S13Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:009
902117Organic Chemistry Lab for Health Sciences11Dr.Dalya Al-saad Tue Thu 11:30** 2:304
903103Mathematics for Business13Hemam Adel FakhouriSA-G12Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0030
903182Statistics for Business13Abed -Alhay ElmughrabeBB-G05Mon Tue Wed Thu 8:30**10:0045
903281Probability and Statistics13Hemam Adel FakhouriSB-F20Mon Tue Wed Thu 10:00**11:3014
903381Numerical Analysis13Hemam Adel FakhouriSA-G12Mon Tue Wed Thu 1:00** 2:3033